Adam Pugh

Category: 2019

This is a film? 65th Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Art Monthly #428, July-August 2019

‘This is a film?’ opens Gerard Depardieu in Marguerite Duras’ Le Camion (The Lorry), 1977. ‘It would have been a film,’ replies Duras. ‘It is a film.’ It would have been in order that it is, unfolding entirely in the conditional, requiring cinema to undo itself by replacing illustration with imagination. Curiously, given its length […]

Circa Projects & Giles Bailey: Festival of the Not Art Monthly #424, March 2019

Eschewing the headed notepaper, marketing department and regular funding invariably associated with successful arts organisations in favour of what might be described as a studio-based curatorial practice founded on peer-led dialogue, Circa Projects doesn’t suffer the relative precarity of its situation as survivor but rather wills it as an essential condition for activity which is […]