Adam Pugh

Category: 2014

Profile of Gintaras Didžiapetris Art Monthly #381, November 2014

The page in front of you is a container for a particular text, for a fixed and determined semantic which points towards something else, more or less tangible. But the page is also a plane, a surface, an object with an edge. It is a history of all pages and all paper, yet it is […]

Oberhausen: Memories Can’t Wait – Film Without Film Art Monthly #377, June 2014

The theme for this year’s Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, ‘Memories Can’t Wait – Film Without Film’ was auspicious, both for the space and scale it afforded programmatically and for its application across historical and contemporary modes. In notable contrast to last year’s somewhat hermetic theme of ‘Flatness’, and perhaps by way of an antidote, ‘Memories Can’t […]

Camille Henrot: The Pale Fox (Chisenhale Gallery, London) Art Monthly #375, April 2014

Everywhere in Camille Henrot’s formidable exhibition ‘The Pale Fox’ is the frame, the bounded box, the vernacular of the desktop window. But here, too, is its antidote, in the form of the unformed, curved and chaotic, via ruptures, slippages, disjunctures or stoppages; and in the wild metastasis of the proliferation of the image. Curse and […]

Claire Hope: Group Photo this is tomorrow, March 2014

It is becoming difficult to know where we stop representing and start being represented; where the shift in agency from scriptwriter to actor occurs. Complicated by contradictory concepts of self and other, the individualist promise of capitalism and the consequent erosion of the social, it is this territory which Claire Hope’s assured new commission traverses. […]