Adam Pugh

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A milligram of radium in the tranquil dark Exhibition text for 'Animate OPEN: Parts and Labour', November 2015

‘Reality precedes the voice that seeks it, but as the earth precedes the tree, but as the world precedes the human, but as the sea precedes the vision of the sea, life precedes love, the matter of the body precedes the body, and in turn language one day will have preceded the possession of silence.’ -Clarice […]

OUTPOST Open Film 2013 OUTPOST Gallery, 12 October 2013

Admittedly, it is dangerous to infer too specific a thematic current from a selection of work, particularly if selected from a source as diverse as an open submissions call; and undeniably, curatorial heavy-handedness can subdue, muddy, even fracture artists’ original intent. Nevertheless, the films selected here pursue, severally, common enquiries, and are consequently presented in […]